Audioengine A2 被 What Hi-Fi? 评为4星级推荐产品

“The little speakers get stuck right in, pounding through the tune with determination and summoning quite startling low-end attack. This terrier-like enthusiasm isn’t at the expense of detail, which is plentiful, or articulacy – the Audioengines certainly aren’t short of midrange eloquence. There’s also a shortage of outright scale revealed, which is scarcely surprising when you consider the A2s’ diminutive size. Positioned on a desktop, as every pair of A2s is sure to be, the Audioengines focus reasonably well – but they’re more sensitive to positioning than is ideal for a product of this type. “Not much to complain about,” we said of the A2s back in April 2008. And that’s still the case – there’s certainly a lot of fun to be had alarming people with the volume these tiny speakers can summon.” ——


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