Audioengine A2+ 被 Custom PC Review 授予优秀产品金奖


“However, once I hooked up the A2+’s, I was pleasantly surprised. Carrying the exact same 3/4″ tweeter found on the Audioengine A5+, the A2+ exhibited warm mids along with crisp and clear highs, very similar to what you’ll get with the A5+’s. In fact, I ended up enjoying the A2+’s more than the A5+’s for this type of light instrument/female vocal heavy music as the lighter bass characteristics on the A2+’s seem to give the A2+’s the feeling of a wider, more open soundstage. I found that the Audioengine A2+ are definitely capable of a lot more power than you’d expect off something so small. The Audioengine A2+ is exactly what you’d expect from your typical desktop speakers. You get a stylish modern design, standard RCA, 3.5mm or USB inputs, and audio quality that could easily compete with speaker setups two, three, four, or five times its pricetag. Highly recommended!” ——


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