Audioengine B1 被 AudioStream 授予最佳产品奖项


“I was very pleased with the sound quality of the B1. Using its internal AKM DAC and connected to my Pass INT-30A which drove the DeVore Fidelity The Nines, the overall sound quality was surprisingly pleasant. Damn good, actually. From CD-quality songs loaded on my iPhone to streaming from the Tidal lossless streaming app on my iPhone, I enjoyed plenty of old and new favorites. Fast, easy, fun. In terms of sound quality, the B1 paired with a decent hi-fi will obviously crush any portable Bluetooth speaker, especially one costing in the B1′s $189 neighborhood. If you’ve got a hi-fi that you’d like to easily share, sans wires, take a look at the Audioengine. The B1 is a well made and very good sounding Bluetooth solution whether you use its internal DAC or roll your own.” ——


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