Audioengine B1 被 PCMag 授予编辑之选奖项并评为卓越等级产品


“It’s ideal to have the receiver within 25 feet or so of the sound source, with fewer walls and doors involved, but the B1 showed strong performance beyond that. Because it wasn’t sharing a router with the computers in my test space, the B1 didn’t run into the same stuttering issues that often arise with AirPlay in the same setting. Well, the B1 allowed the full range of the excellent recording to shine through, and the opera sounded dynamic and amazing. I never heard any artifacts or added noise, even during quiet passages at high volumes. Tracks with tremendous sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” are delivered with their full, booming bass potential intact, with no thinness or distortion. The higher frequencies are delivered clearly and beautifully on Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” with his vocals, the guitar strumming, and the percussion all coming through with excellent clarity. It doesn’t show any hint of degraded signal or the awful high-frequency fidelity issues Bluetooth had years ago. This is a high-quality stream, and probably the best argument for cutting the cables out of your sound system that I’ve heard yet.” ——


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