Audioengine D3 被 PCMag 评为卓越等级产品

“The thing I most noticed on my higher bit-rate and sample-rate test tracks was a more dynamic overall sound. I won’t pretend it was night and day, but listening to lossless Radiohead files on the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, going back and forth between the D3 and the headphone jack of my laptop, it seemed there was a bit more body to the sub-bass and deep bass ranges, and more brightness to the clicks and taps of transient percussive noises, whether they were real drums or synth sounds. But part of this is just what happens when a strong pair of headphones gets driven a bit harder and flexes its drivers a bit more. Swapping out the Sennheisers with other more expensive in-ear options, like the Shure SE846 further illustrated the D3′s prowess.” ——


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