Audioengine HD6 被 What Hi-Fi? 评为4星级推荐产品

“It’s hardly a taxing procedure, and within seconds we’re reminded of the performance of the brand’s A5+ speakers; these Audioengines are also quick on their toes, engagingly subtle and dynamically expressive. Mids are particularly eloquent, the guitar plucking throughout Conor Oberst’s Ruminations album drenched in natural reverb, with weight well distributed to piano keys. It handles the folky instrumentation and his country-twanged, goat-like crooning well. It sounds bold and focused, yet full of intimacy. We’re impressed by the Audioengine’s resilience to keep moving dynamically – from enthused blows to softer prolonged draws, the varying intensity of harmonica playing is forever fluctuating – and by how their rendition remains faithful as we then stream from Spotify. Each textured element finds its own spot in the soundstage, with the space, scale and almost trifle-like layering allowing them to cohabit with a sense of coherent order. That sense of refinement extends to the treble, so any crashing percussion is well judged too. Their presentation isn’t obsessed with grabbing you immediately, but instead eases you into music and uses their precise, insightful nature and unfolding subtlety to keep you there.” ——


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