Enjoy The Music 对 Audioengine 参加 RMAF 2013 展会的报道


“Audioengine was having a blast in their room when we showed up. I love those guys: Brett, Brady, Dave and Morgan. Good people and great products at prices that make you shake your head! I was so psyched to get one of the first production runs of their upcoming Dragonfly-like D3 headphone amp/DAC combo dongle! Its brushed aluminum is a sexy departure for them. The industrial look is sleek and modern. Since I got it home, I’ve been using it with my Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs. With the Alpha’s vocals are clear and pronounced. The midrange is rich and full-bodied. The bass is also surprisingly punchy and dynamic! I think this is going to be a winner for them if they position this product in a way that reaches beyond the already converted. An enthusiastic thumbs up thus far!” —— enjoythemusic.com


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