Enjoy The Music 对 Audioengine 参加 T.H.E Show 2015 展会的报道


“Audioengine had their B2 self-powered Bluetooth speaker, W3 wireless audio transmitter system and of course their A2+ and A5+ self-powered speakers. As one of the very first reviewers to have their A5 speaker way back in 2006, they have improved them with the A5+. Having heard both, i always come away impressed by the high value for the money Audioengine speakers provide. My wife and i enjoy the A5+ mated to Audioengine’s S8 powered subwoofer with our bathroom and bedroom. Yes, you read that right, we have subwoofers, too, within the bathroom and bedroom! Originally simply had the A5+, yet my wife Heather insisted on the subs and she way right! It’s not that you need subwoofers per se with the A5+, yet during dance, dubstep, etc music the subwoofer really adds that extra bump.” —— enjoythemusic.com


Jump Success!