Stereophile 对 Audioengine 参加 RMAF 2014 展会的报道


“I met Audioengine’s Brady Bargenquast (above) on Thursday night and I was excited to see how they would show and demonstrate their range of products. Audioengine makes a group of unique, and very forward-looking creations—some of which have caught on like blazing fire (the Audioengine 2+ powered desktop speakers and D1 DAC for example) and others, like the D2 Premium 24-bit wireless DAC ($500) that is just now igniting. The D2 allows you to stream lossless 24/96 audio from your computer to any music system in the house! These days, I am really beginning to like the sound of the words “lossless” and “wireless” (especially when they’re combined)—as well as the sound of wireless audio!” ——


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