The Absolute Sound 对 Audioengine 参加 New York Audio Show 2014 展会的报道


“Audioengine, maker of my favorite Bluetooth speakers, has created a little box that might just bridge the gap between music-toting youth and a decent hi-fi system. The device is called the B1 and it occupies a new category: Bluetooth receiver. Music streams in over Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet, at which point the B1 upconverts the signal to 24 bits and sends it on its way downstream to audio gear via either digital (TosLink) or analog (RCA). Of course, the quality of Bluetooth as an audio medium has yet to be determined. (Audioengine, for its part, claims to have done extensive testing and found the results more than satisfactory). For the folks who don’t know from CDs, SACDs, or LPs, the B1 is a link from their world to ours.” ——


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