Audioengine A5+ 被 AudioStream 授予最佳产品奖项


“If I was to create a list of recommended powered desktop speakers, the Audioengine 5+ would be very high on it. Upper frequencies do not suffer any spikiness yet still offer a nice visceral feel of bow on string, splashing cymbals or harmonica’s harmonic delights. Bass response is not huge but it is natural, tight and tuneful which I prefer to boom and bloat. Oh hell, you get the idea—I like the Audioengine 5+ speakers and more importantly I like listening to music through them. For $399, yes I’m going there, I’d say that the Audioengine 5+s give you more than you’ve given Audioengine. They strike me as the proverbial audiophile bargain capable of delivering musical satisfaction on most levels that count.” ——


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