Audioengine A5+ 被 CNET 授予编辑之选奖项


“When we reviewed the Audioengine 5 series speakers, we said it was difficult to quantify how much better they sounded than the Audioengine 2s, but they definitely “delivered bigger, richer sound with deep, tight bass, and excellent clarity–and they played very loud.” With higher-end PC speakers you just get fuller, smoother sound that has that much more detail, and when you listen to either the 5 series or 5+ speakers, you start to hear stuff (such as individual instruments) in your music that you weren’t aware was there. They easily best more-expensive iPod speakers out there, including those from Bose and B&W, which in some cases retail for more. For the music test we put the Audioengine 5 series next to the 5+ and compared their sound using lossless tracks stored on an iPod. Quite simply, the 5+ series sounded like bigger speakers with more expansive sound.” ——


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