Audioengine A5+、D1 被 Custom PC Review 授予优秀产品金奖


“After the A5’s are broken in, the speakers start giving you rich and warm mids, which when coupled with crystal clear vocals is especially suited for music with mid/high to high end vocals such as Adele’s Rolling in the Deep or AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. The biggest thing you’ll notice about the D1 DAC is that it was able to clean up the electrical noise (hissing and humming) especially in comparison to the onboard sound on both my desktop (Realtek ALC898) as well as the audio on my laptop (Realtek ALC269). With both the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 and the Audioengine 5+ speakers, I found that the D1 DAC was able to output a fairly balanced response, which personally for me is ideal for music. Crisp and clear treble, warm mids, a fairly powerful bass response, huge soundstage, and a huge sweet spot. Forget about the MM-1, forget about the Companion 5, forget about the BeoLab 4. If you’re looking for the best pair of all around speakers for your computer, this is it.” ——


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