Audioengine A5+ 被 PCMag 授予编辑之选奖项并评为卓越等级产品


“The A5+ pair can get incredibly loud before even a hint of distortion appears. Even if you’re using them in a home studio, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever hear a hint of distortion, even on songs with deep bass like The Knife’s “Silent Shout”. On classical tracks, like John Adams’ “The Chairman Dances,” the tweeters sparkle as they deliver the mid and high frequency ranges with precision. The lower frequencies of the percussion and larger stringed instruments are less powerful and resonant than they are on other speakers. The effect, however, is stunning. This is how most high-end speakers used to sound, before booming bass was king. It’s not that deep bass doesn’t exist through the A5+; it’s that, as it did for decades, it plays a dutiful supporting role to the crisp, enthralling mids and highs. Rock, hip hop, and electronic music sound excellent on the A5+, but it is instrumental music that shines the most. From a recording studio perspective, the lack of booming bass makes the A5+ an ideal reality check for your mixes—this type of flat response, with a focus on the clarity of the mids-to-highs, used to be what all studio monitors aspired to.” ——


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