Audioengine A5+ 被 Wire Realm 选入十佳监听音箱奖项

“Audioengine‘s make of their studio monitors are great and we definitely recommend going with one of their models. These have been compared against almost every popular monitor out there, so we figured it was for a reason. People talk about these in terms of “saving up for them” as they’re $400 a pair, but they are some of the best in the market we’ve seen. Featuring a decent frequency response from 50 to 22 kHz, the most eye-popping quality is their 150-watts per speaker — the most on our list. If you’re looking for power grab these because they also have very clear sounds in terms of both low and high frequencies (despite the 3/4″ tweeter — they can get away with 1/4″ in our opinion). Amazing sound quality on the Audioengine 5+ studio monitors and if they’re a bit too expensive for you the lower models are listed above.” ——


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