Audioengine HD3 被 Custom PC Review 授予优秀产品金奖


“Audioengine HD3 is tuned with a fairly balanced sound profile with a touch of additional treble and bass to create a more “fun” to listen to sound signature. As such the speakers sound very good for a wide variety of music, especially music that has a heavy emphasis on vocals which sound amazingly crisp and clear – almost as if you were on location. Ever since we checked out our first set of Audioengine speakers several years ago, we’ve continually been impressed with Audioengine speakers and the Audioengine HD3 continues to impress us as well. The sound performance of the Audioengine HD3 is among the best we’ve heard from any desktop speaker and mix of traditional yet modern design elements makes the Audioengine HD3 a perfect addition to any desk. Couple that with the versatility of a multitude of connectivity options and the Audioengine HD3 definitely stands out as one of the best desktop speakers on the market today. Overall, the Audioengine HD3 is an excellent addition to Audioengine’s desktop speaker lineup and an excellent buy for those looking to purchase a top desktop speaker that brings great sound quality, versatility and an aesthetically pleasing design. Highly recommended!” ——


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