Audioengine HD3 被 PCMag 授予编辑之选奖项并评为卓越等级产品


 “As has been the case with a majority of Audioengine products we’ve tested, the speakers don’t invent bass where it doesn’t exist, so the drums on this track don’t have a lot of deep, added bass depth to them like they often do through bass-heavy systems. Most of the low frequency response seems focused more on lows and low-mids rather than sub-bass frequencies, thus Callahan’s baritone vocals receive a pleasant richness. The high-mids and highs are crystal clear, giving the vocals plenty of clarity and contour, as well as some bright presence to the guitar strumming and percussive hits. This is a mids- and highs-focused sound signature. There’s a pleasant level of bass presence, but the lows play a supporting role to the higher register instrumentation. The strings, vocals, and brass are delivered with superb clarity, never too bright. When there are occasional deep bass moments in the recording, they spring out beautifully, neither dialed back nor boosted.” ——


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