Audioengine HD6 被 AudioStream 授予最佳产品奖项


“The HD6′s sound bigger and more coherent than my memories of the A5+ and they certainly have more grunt, drive, and punch as compared to my tinier ADAM A3X. The new Audioengine’s also have a silky smooth sonic character, removing any hints of harshness attributable to the tweeter. As a matter of fact, the HD6′s sing as one voice, with nary a hint of their two-way-ness. I’ve been to people’s homes where they have a computer and some desktop speakers setup in their living room as their only hi-fi. Typically the speakers are too small for the job of listening outside of the desk so when asked to fill a room they fail. Can you say crappy party? I found the Audioengine HD6′s to beg to be played loud(er) as if they were born to fill a room. While the Audioengine HD6′s worked perfectly wonderfully on my desktop, if you’re also going to ask your desktop speakers to do double-time in-room, the HD6′s are bouncing out of their seat, waving their hand, and shouting “Pick me!, Pick me!”.” ——


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