Audioengine N22 被 Wire Realm 选入十佳耳机放大器奖项

“This is one of our favorite desktop headphone amplifiers in the market. Audioengine made it into our best studio monitor speaker article as their audio solutions are of very high quality in our opinion. The N22’s give us some great power at a peak 80 watt performance and a 10K ohms unbalanced input impedance to cover the whole ground of your speakers or headphones. First and foremost the compact size is great for fitting on a desk — not too bulky and the built-in vertical stand is very convenient. You can connect anything to this thing — iPods, speakers, headphones, TV’s, etc. The high-finished MDF wood cabinet is great for overall protection and stability. It also has a convenient power-saving idle mode if you’re like me and forget almost everyday to turn your gear off! Quite powerful at a decent price considering the quality, the Audioengine N22 headphone amp is something to look at for your desktop amplifier needs.” ——


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