Audioengine P4 被 What Hi-Fi? 评为4星级推荐产品

“Sound bigger than they are. In the meantime, though, our satin black examples do very good work. Julian Cope’s version of Roky Erickson’s I Have Always Been Here Before impresses from the off: thanks to the frankly unlikely scale and presence of its delivery, the AP4s do a creditable impression of far larger speakers. Midrange communication and detail are a match for any price-comparable competitor, and the handover from the tweeter to driver is silky-smooth. Tonally the AP4s are on the polite side – far preferable to the rowdier presentation some similarly sized rivals favour in an attempt to overcome their physical limitations. It’s at either end of the frequency range that potential problems lurk. Treble sounds are absolutely as bright and shiny as is acceptable, so some care should be taken to ensure partnering electronics don’t share that trait. These speakers certainly deserve to be auditioned. The price, their dimensions and the quality of materials in their construction make them worthy of investigation – the sound they make just confirms it.” ——


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