Audioengine HDP6 被 Audiophilia 授予明星产品奖项


“The drivers are good enough to replicate the distinctive sounds of my reference kit, the amazing Jeff Rowland Continuum 2 Integrated Amplifier. They got the balance just right. Strings find their place and wind and brass punch through the soundstage with gusto. And from such a small footprint. The HDP6s throw a good soundstage, wide and typically deep for a good bookshelf. Dudamel’s DG Mahler 9 with his LA band sounded spectacular, with deep bass and real power on the bass drum. You’ll feel it. It’s here where the superior control of my superb Jeff Rowland integrated came in handy. Vocals and piano sounded excellent, too. Warm and detailed, powerful and dramatic when called. Once again, highly recommended.” ——


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