Audioengine D2 被 PCMag 选入2012年CES展会伟大的音频产品奖项


“Think of it as AirPlay for audiophiles. Audioengine’s new D2 Premium 24-bit Wireless DAC consists of a transmitter and a receiver that connects to your speakers or stereo system. The digital-to-analog converter is based on the high-end Burr-Brown PCM1792, and the system includes optical and analog outputs. It connects to Macs and PCs, but there are no drivers to install, no software, no screens on the devices themselves, no way to operate the playback with a phone—it’s a simple plug-and-play solution. The stream is bit-perfect 24/96 PCM over-the-air transmission—in other words, it’s basically lossless quality, and the stream almost never interrupts. This is purely for people who are obsessed with sound quality—it’s convenience factor is significantly lower than AirPlay or Bluetooth streaming devices, but it’s definitely a strong option for the audiophile looking to get rid of a few more cables. The D2 transmitter and receiver, available now, are sold together for $599—and more receivers can be added for different rooms or components.” ——


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